It all starts with unrealistic anxiety causing ideas – Recovery from Anxiety Disorder

We call these Anxiety producing ideas, False Expectations. Usually these ideas could be described as… We believe or others have caused us to believe that we must do what we also believe what we cannot do; we fear our inadequacies to deal with life in one way or another. These fears of inadequacy as they continue to be unresolved will often result in Clinical Anxiety Disorder. Clinical Anxiety when its causes are unresolved and we lose hope we can resolve them will often drive us into Depression. While this disintegration of our psychological condition continues and intensifies it will often have measurable destructive effects on our brain chemistry balance. It is the restoring of that balance that is the only useful purpose of psychological medications… They don’t fix the underlying problems but mask them. The Five Gates Program of Recovery starts by fixing the causes of our original Fears and Anxieties and once this is accomplished all of our other related negative conditions and symptoms will become resolved. When we carefully examine the grand children of this process, Clinical Depression, Addiction, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, ADD, PTSD, etc, in each one of them we see that they are simply adjustments in our attempt to free ourselves from the morbid depressions of ideas and feelings described above.

by Lynn Kesselman

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