Ask yourself…

Was I born with Emotional Problems?

How did my Fears make me ill?

Why is the past so important?

How can my FEAR seat me FREE?

How can seeing my Fear’s set me FREE?

Is FEAR and Addiction?

All our Addictions and Emotional Illnesses come from our Addiction to our FEARS…

Excerpts from (Five Gates – The Science of Healing The Spirit) that have helped many in understanding the root cause of our mental problems and why is it so difficult acceptance of ourselves, our limitations. We can make a beginning towards this goal by accepting “What I can’t do, can’t be my job”.

  1. I need help with my Anxiety and Addiction Problem
  2. Why are we the way we are??? How did it happen???
  3. The Five Gates Training Program uses two powerful tools
  4. Feelings – What role do they play in our Mental Disorder
  5. Love and Fear – Why is FEAR the root cause of all problems.
  6. Know yourself – Begin the Journey of Self Healing
  7. Disappointments – How its important to balance our disappointments
  8. Free will or Foolish Behaviour – Find out more…
  9. Our Ego Seduces Us to Believe in Our Willpower – Find out more…
  10. What is stronger Love or Anger – Find out more…
  11. Getting Smarter is Not Enough – We Must Vicariously Relive Our Life?s ?Movie? To Understand Ourselves
  12. Parents and Loved Ones – What roles they play in our mental illness
  13. Insanity – This can be a cruel, misleading and depersonalizing term
  14. Spiritual Programs Throughout Time – Most modern spiritual teachings, what do they say???
  15. We Are One ? Not Separate – Find out more…
  16. Why is Faith So Important to Us? – Is Faith the Answer???
  17. Do We Need More than Faith? – Find out more…
  18. Religions, Faith and God – Why is it important???