Five Gates Recovery Treatment Program ? Testimony of Adam Weiss

Testimony of Adam Weiss on how his life changed after he took the Five Gates Recovery Training Program by Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman DD, RAS, and how it has helped him from his Drugs Problem. Five Gates miraculously heals people from social disorders, physical anxiety symptoms, anxiety vs bipolar, reduce anxiety symptoms, anxiety recovery stories, bipolar disorder ocd, and other kinds of Illnesses.

Most Effective Alcohol Addiction, Cocaine, Anxiety, Depression Recovery Treatment Training Program from Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman on Vimeo.

Most Effective Doctor's Approved Anxiety, Addiction, Depression Recovery Treatment Program, Recommended by Top Addiction Specialists.
The Five Gates Program of Recovery is the most Powerful Treatment Program Today for Anxiety Disorder, Alcohol Drug Addiction, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Social Disorder, Social Anxiety, Eating Disorder, ADD, PTSD, OCD, ADHD. If you cannot afford a therapist you can even work on the Program as a Self Help Recovery. The unique concepts of R. Dr. Lynn Kesselman DD RAS and Five Gates is that anxiety, depression, ADD and even PTSD are all forms of addictions on a psychological level.
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He is one of the greatest Five Gates comeback stories of all. For three weeks he called Dr. Lynn Kesselman wanting to know more about the Five Gates Program; his woozy voice and mind sounded like a run down recording. Eventually he confided he was beyond hope.

He?s was recovering heroin addict and was hooked on a whole drug store of legal drugs, prescribed by an irresponsible physician: 12 bars xanax, 12 injections of Buprenex, several soma, methadone, and several other drugs every day. He couldn?t even be detoxed without a likelihood of killing him in seizure. In a dramatic moment at my desk with his father (Lynn asked them to come to see him), he was finally persuaded to take the Five Gates Program. It took 2 weeks (not the usual 1) to take him through the Core training, but another 6 months to detox him from xanax and bupinex. Soma and several others took another year!

Today, 3 years later, he?s happy, healthy, and pain and drug free; he?d love to tell you his story anytime. This clip was taken early in his Five Gates recovery.

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