Five Gates Recovery Treatment Program ? Testimony of Cindie Overstreet


Most Effective Addiction, Anxiety, Depression, Addiction Recovery Treatment Training Program from Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman on Vimeo.

Most Effective Doctor's Approved Anxiety, Addiction, Depression Recovery Treatment Program, Recommended by Top Addiction Specialists.
The Five Gates Program of Recovery is the most Powerful Treatment Program Today for Anxiety Disorder, Alcohol Drug Addiction, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Social Disorder, Social Anxiety, Eating Disorder, ADD, PTSD, OCD, ADHD. If you cannot afford a therapist you can even work on the Program as a Self Help Recovery. The unique concepts of R. Dr. Lynn Kesselman DD RAS and Five Gates is that anxiety, depression, ADD and even PTSD are all forms of addictions on a psychological level.
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Cindie suffered from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks all of her life. Her sister and best friend is Shari, a Five Gates Training graduate who had the same problems. Shari simply amazed Cindie with how she’d changed after taking the Five Gates Training. After Cindie completed her Fifth Gate (two years ago), she never had another anxiety attack again. A few months later she married and has been wonderfully happy and confident. Shari also remarried just a short time after Cindie. Both said the Five Gates Program made the difference for them to feel open and confident to make this commitment.

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