Five Gates Recovery Treatment Program ? Testimony of Judy Kurley

Judy; just sat in her condo in the dark, shades drawn, all the hours she wasn?t at work. She was irritable and disliked at work; a widow who?d never been on a date since her husband died 8 years earlier. She was anxiety-ridden and depressed all her life. Judy was waiting for her life of misery to run out. She found us on the internet and immediately started asking all the right questions.

Lynn took her through the first Three Gates via online psychotherapy and then by phone. A month later she traveled to Ft. Myers to take her Fifth Gate with Lynn. The turnaround was dramatic. She became popular at work, a real leader; then she started dating (she laughs now that she became a real vamp), and then met the man of her dreams, a doctor with a heart of gold. They fell in love, moved in together, she went to work organizing his multi-office practice (she was always very competent), and then they married.

All of this was 5 years before this clip in which she tell how it was. They are wonderfully happy today, her old life almost forgotten.

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