How & Why the Five Gates Program Works

The Five Gates Philosophy is based on the belief that people who suffer from almost all emotional and many mental disorders are the victims of fears around which they have built the dysfunctional aspects of their personalities. The Five Gates Training is a psycho-dynamic progression of interventions and enlightenment which reprogram our belief system so as to make us FREE of all disabling fear-producing core beliefs.
  • I accept that I have something in me that is causing me to believe and therefore to feel, to think and therefore do things which are preventing me from being happy and well (and may be the sources of my irrational and destructive behavior (if this applies).
  • I may or may not know consciously that this problem is caused by my fears, but I will accept that by clearing my irrational fears I will be happy, more productive, and greatly empowered (which is our usually achieved goal).
  • Once I have experienced the awakening of my Fifth Gate I will need powerful, easy to understand rules by which I will then be able to manage my life. This final lifelong self management method will keep me well and allow me to continue greater and greater levels of effectiveness and happiness.
  • My present condition and life is the result of my past experiences and beliefs. In order to clear my fears I must be taken through the journey of my life so that I can see and resolve the misleading incorrect beliefs that created my present unhappiness and dysfunction.
  • I may be able to take this journey alone with the help of the Five Gates Training Materials or I may need the support and experience of a Certified Five Gates Trainer, but in either case this part of my journey will trigger in me, in the present and lastingly into the future a powerful healing enlightenment which is the goal of the Five Gates Core Training.
  • By living in harmony with the Five Gates Reality Rules and Spiritual Principles (the Life Practice) of the Third Gate my life will continue to improve quickly as will I.
  • Whether I take this journey alone, or with the help of a Certified Five Gates Trainer, The Fourth Gate will help me objectively revisit, record, and identify the key elements which lie beneath my dysfunctional beliefs, feelings, and actions. Typically the Fourth Gate will require 6-10 hours of uninterrupted quiet time, although you can restart and continue if you can re-read your progress up to the point you where interrupted.

Our single goal is to help you become HAPPY through your personal empowerment. Our mental and emotional problems stem from the same causes as our unhappiness. Our expectations and beliefs about ourselves trap us in living a reality that causes our anxieties, depressions, and from which we may often try to escape into our addictions.

The Five Gates Program helps us see and efficiently process a more accurate and hope-inspiring reality. It actually changes our deepest beliefs about ourselves and life. We change our dysfunctional beliefs by reversing the process by which we acquired them. We got them from seeing a reality that depressed us; we rid ourselves of them by seeing a reality that inspires us into positive views and actions.

We start with an interactive session on how we developed our problems and how we are going to resolve them. The result of this phase, the orientation, is to inspire us with hope and give us direction.

The Orientation, the Mental Awakening of the Five Gates Core Training, includes our first journey through the first Three Gates. It is then followed by the Spiritual Awakening produced by our journey through The Fourth Gate and The Fifth Gate. Together they cause us to vicariously reprocess our life from its beginning. Buried memories, confusions, fears, and resentments all dissolve in the brilliant light of our new enlightened understandings awakened by this phase of the Five Gates Core Training. Our spiritual awakening gives us the power to learn a whole new way of seeing and managing our lives.

We conclude the Five Gates Core Training and begin the Five Gates Life Practice with several training sessions proven to enable us to continue making lifelong progress to higher and higher levels of freedom, happiness, and empowerment. The Core Training can be accomplished in one week, but our improvement becomes an automatic blessing that lasts throughout our lives.

You can take the Five Gates Training Program by yourself. For greater depth and the answers of many questions not covered here, you may want to read Dr. Kesselman’s book “Five Gates: The Science of Healing the Spirit.”

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