Journey Through The Five Gates – Powerful Effective Recovery Training Program

What is Five Gates Program:

The Five Gates Program is a form of Cognitive or Person Centered Psychotherapy. It is unique for its Fifth Gates which operates through a powerful healing principle Dr. Kesselman has labeled The Inverted Pyramid Effect, which is the remarkable healing engine by which people in reviewing sequentially the events in their lives and finding a logical explanations for each of their psychological pains specially Anxieties and Depressions, are able to experience the triggering of Clearing healing all of the later consequences and confusions associated with the psychological difficulties that has caused them to want to take the Five Gates Program.

This site contains everything that many people will need to complete the training; however, everyones’ degree of suffering from their symtoms is different and some will need to take themselves through the program more then once, by continuing to review their Fourth Gate, Fifth Gate, and always need to revisit the spiritual principles and reality rules of the Third Gate.

If you’re already in moderately good recovery, or if you have manageable, but unwanted anxieties or depression, or an addiction with an existing, satisfactory support system in place, or if your goals are simply to feel and perform better, you can take yourself through the Five Gates Training Program, have an online psychotherapy in the comfort of your own home, or study our training program with the use of one of our power recovery tool.

By Lynn Kesselman

Your Journey through The Five Gates Program can begin with a single click below.

  1. The First Gate – Our Acknowledgment of Our Problems
  2. The Second Gate – Discovering the Sources of Our Problems
  3. The Third Gate
  4. The Fourth Gate – I must learn about my reality
  5. The Fifth Gate
  6. Beyond the Fifth Gate

Train Online

Train Online with a Certified Five Gates Trainer or with Dr. Kesselman directly.

For your convenience we’ve also put the entire Five Gates – The Science of Healing The Spirit book online.

Train With Us In Person

The Five Gates Center in Los Angeles, California. If your problems are severely disabling, and you can afford to do it, you will probably choose to take the Five Gates Training Program, one-on-one, with a certified Five Gates Trainer at our Center in Los Angeles or if you prefer, you can be taken through the Five Gates Training at your location by a certified trainer who is skilled in the patent-pending Five Gates technology which can virtually assure your successful recovery and much happier life. To make these arrangements please send us your name and email address via the Contact Us Page; someone from our staff will contact you.

Training For Organizations

If you would like Lynn to speak to your group, please contact us here. You may also find out more information here.

Supplemental Resources

You may order supplemental resources, such as a physical copy of Dr. Keselman’s books, The Five Gates; The Science of Healing the Spirit and Dr. Kesselman’s Classic Book Explaining the Best Way to Work the 12-Step Recovery Program, Recover With Me.