Beyond the Fifth Gate

What do I do now?

First, congratulations on completing the Five Gates initial training!

At some points along your journey you will want to read and reconsider your Fourth Gate answers. The purpose for this is to refocus you into a continuing awareness of the thought processes and beliefs that lie at the basis of the difficulties you have historically experienced. Your fifth gate should have resolved these, but as you continue to reexamine your Fourth Gate and Fifth Gate you will always find new insights which will take your healing to a higher level.

Dr. Kesselman has himself has experienced a relapse at a time of unusually great stresses and only through applying this program was he able to recover and even exceed his former spiritual wellness. If this happens to you, do not be discouraged, but go back to revisit the causes and submit them to a new Fifth Gate follow by an even increased to live by the spiritual principles and reality rules of the Five Gates program.

Once you have completed your fifth gate and feel satisfied with your result. You will be welcome to submit your questions and comments to a broader universe of others who have also completed the program. We strongly recommend the formation of online or live meeting groups, much like AA, where people can compare notes, ask and answer questions.

Keep in mind, that if you can keep improving the way you think and the way you live by excepting and following the spiritual principles and reality rules of the Third Gate, not only will your healing continue to deepen, but all of aspects of your life will continue to improve.

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