The Fifth Gate – Powerful Scientific Method of Recovery Training Treatment Program

Your past experiences and feelings were not your fault.

your past experiences and feelings were not your fault, Powerful Scientific Method of Recovery Training Treatment Program

What is Five Gates Program?

The Five Gates Program is a form of Cognitive or Person Centered Psychotherapy. It is unique for its Fifth Gates which operates through a powerful healing principle Dr. Kesselman has labeled The Inverted Pyramid Effect, which is the remarkable healing engine by which people in reviewing sequentially the events in their lives and finding a logical explanations for each of their psychological pains specially Anxieties and Depressions, are able to experience the triggering of Clearing healing all of the later consequences and confusions associated with the psychological difficulties that has caused them to want to take the Five Gates Program.

I know the job you just finished with the fourth gate was both highly critical and demanding of you but that part is now over. I hope you’re ready to start your journey through the Fifth Gate. Allow plenty of time to go through this gate, whether you’re a morning person or an afternoon person, give yourself the time you need to complete it in one sitting.

One of the most important things to remember is that your past experiences and feelings were not your fault. It was inevitable along the path that you were taking at the time. But you can change it and improve yourself and your life by living the principles we gave you in the Second and Third Gates.

In order to do that, you must reconcile your past, with all of the negative ideas and feelings you got from it, so that you can manage your future. Our present is the symptom or result of our past, remember our statement I have been powerless over something in me that has caused me to believe, think, feel and do things that have lessened my happiness. That something has been my lack of knowing. I don’t want the fears stemming from that deficiency of knowledge and information to run my life anymore. I want to run my life with positive, more realistic principles, the rules of reality.

We will not be condemned to relive the ill effects of our past if we work through them and live the positive principles of the Five Gates fully.

You should be proud of yourself. You’ve done a lot of hard work and opened your eyes and mind to a lot of things that you didn’t enjoy in the past. But it was necessary to do the healing, putting together everything you’ve learned about yourself. Kind of like lots of old film footage that you shot with your family, let’s edit it back together and show you the way to seeing your possibilities.

We are not our history, we are our possibilities. Try to stay focused on how your mistaken beliefs about yourself and your life have held you prisoner. That perspective is what we’re going to change now, in the Fifth Gate.

You can take yourself through this healing alone, or as I mentioned before, work with a trusted friend. If you feel you need professional guidance on this final stage, click on the link to schedule a session with a certified Five Gates guide.

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OK, We will be going in chronological order because we really carry the fears and shame of our childhood self into adulthood. It’s not always clear to us that this is why we feel troubled now. In reality, we were different people at different times of our lives, all of us are.

With the Fifth Gate, we are going to look at our lives the way someone with great wisdom would look at us, understand our story and see how it shaped us to be who we are. You need to become two people for this analysis, the you you remember you were growing up and the you you need to be now, acting as your own counselor.

The Fourth Gate helped you to remember your story as you experienced it. Now you will listen to your own story with a mindset that you are your own counselor trying to help you see what it means in reality. Don’t be intimidated, you can do this.

Please take your time with The Fifth Gate allowing yourself the opportunity to fully explore and discover what the journey has to reveal to you.

Another way to look at it

You have the power to be your own counselor, but you may need to partition yourself into two people: The counselor/healer and the person they are trying to heal. Since you are your own counselor, you know that the person trying to heal you really does have a vested interest in your success. Imagine the councilor portion of yourself as the person that you will eventually become.

If you are working with someone else, it is vital that you have the same trust and faith in them, you would with yourself, if not more. If you don’t, then The Fifth Gate may not be as effective as it would be. However, you may create this trust and faith as you are doing your Fifth Gate and starting to open up to them. Don’t be scared of sharing things that make you feel ashamed or scared. Sometimes just saying these things out-loud causes them to lose a substantial amount of their power over you.

  1. Section 1 – Let’s get focused
  2. Section 2 – Review your history, chronologically
  3. Section 3 – Let’s see how it’s all connected
  4. Section 4 – Begin to reconcile
  5. Section 5 – Turn Key to Freedom

Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman began his career in psychotherapy as the result of his own severe depressive disorder occasioned by alcoholism as a coping mechanism. He is partly self-taught, his degrees having been awarded through the original contributions he has made to this field. He is the developer of ” The Structured Brief Time-Limited Psychotherapy “, better known as the Five Gates Program of Recovery. Learn more…