The Fifth Gate – Section 1

Let’s get focused

What feelings did The Fourth Gate bring to the surface. Take a moment to search, explore, visit and engage those feelings. These feelings will provide much needed information and insight to many of your beliefs and behaviors as a child and as an adult. These feelings are the seeds of our suffering.

The goal of this section is to find the strongest ties to your past. If you think of you mind as a piece of paper your thoughts and beliefs are drawn with an ink pen. The more time you spend at a certain point the larger the ink blot becomes. That is why repetition helps improve memory, because you are making that blot bigger, thus easier to find and remember.

We’re looking for a blot that is bigger then it should be, or a blot that shouldn’t be there at all. Blots that may be “I’m a failure,” or “nobody loves me.” Before we can fix a problem, we have to know what the problem is.

Take notes on everything!

  1. Section 1 – Let’s get focused
  2. Section 2 – Review your history, chronologically
  3. Section 3 – Let’s see how it’s all connected
  4. Section 4 – Begin to reconcile
  5. Section 5 – Turn Key to Freedom