The Fifth Gate – Section 2

Review your history, chronologically

Begin by understanding the lives of your parents and grandparents. If you were raised by someone else, an aunt, guardians, etc, then refer to their lives, whoever it was that had the most influence on your life as a child. Start with your mother’s history and nature.

Most of us receive our personal values from our mothers and our world values from our fathers.

You may want to make notes that you can later refer back to.

What do you know about the lives of your mother’s parents?

Explore their attitudes, values, fears, hang-ups and joys. Did they become fearful people because of money problems, for example, did they grow up during the Great Depression? Were they born in a different country and came here without speaking the language? Were there any illnesses or other stress factors? Any little detail you can remember will help you to understand them better?

Was your grandmother nurturing? How did she act towards your grandfather? Do you think she felt secure? Think about what you know of your mother’s life as a young child and young woman, how her world shaped her values. What was she taught to believe about the roles of men and women in the world?

Next, think about how your mom behaved when you were a child. Happy, sad, confident, selfish, worried, introverted, extroverted, mean, loving, warm, resentful, angry, tired all the time…etc. Don’t go on until you’ve done your best to understand how your mother became who she was when you were born, not who she is today or while you were growing up. What was going on in her life at the time you were born? Right after you were born. During your pre-school years. How might her world have impacted her at that time? What events or circumstances occurred causing her to have strong emotional responses or behaviors that you remember? Be thorough.

Now that you have a clear vision of how your mother came to be who she was, during each stage of her life and yours, you’ve finished the second step of the 5th Gate section on understanding.

Now go back and do the same exercise with your father. Follow the same path. Try to remember what you know about his parents, did they love him or mistreat him, during his childhood? How were things for him as an adolescent and what was happening to him when you were born, after you were born?

In order to fully complete this section of the Fifth Gate you will need to repeat it for each major maternal and paternal influence in your life. This is meant to include anyone who was a significant part of raising you as a child. This can be grandparents, Uncles, Aunts, Step-Parents, and so forth.

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