The Fifth Gate – Section 3

Let’s see how it’s all connected.

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What did your parents believe about relationships and life? Think about how their beliefs impacted you as a child. Were you forced to be what they thought you should be or were you free to make your own mistakes? Did you accept many of our parents’ beliefs or did you reject and react against some. Which. Did your personality seem to always be affected or influenced in direct relationship to who they were? Are you beginning to realize why they became who they were and are.


Take a deep breath. Focus for a moment. There is something very important that you must embrace right now. You must accept the fact that you have and had no power over this part of your history. Also, throughout, keep reminding yourself not to judge.

  1. Section 1 – Let’s get focused
  2. Section 2 – Review your history, chronologically
  3. Section 3 – Let’s see how it’s all connected
  4. Section 4 – Begin to reconcile
  5. Section 5 – Turn Key to Freedom