The Fifth Gate – Section 5

Turn Key to Freedom

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You now understand your past, now you understand that you are the result of your history. You understand the influence of others’ histories that we are nor responsible for creating. Now, it is time to reveal to you what it is going to take to release you from all that the past has been using to hold you captive. Now it is time to give you the key to unlock the chains of fear that have held you in bondage. You must now accept and forgive yourself for who you have been through each moment in time. We all deserve and absolutely need our own forgiveness. Now, right now, you might be thinking your parents were destructive influences, and that’s all right, but we also need to forgive and accept them for the same reasons we forgive and accept ourselves. After all, they are just the product of the same influences happening in their childhoods.

Mothers and fathers are people too. They were just trying to do their best within the confines of the world that created them.

This peaceful forgiveness and acceptance will happen naturally as you begin to see yourself through clear eyes. As you begin to engage in the honesty and truth of who you are. As you begin to truly realize that you were never trying to hurt anyone, you were just trying to help yourself feel good about your own life.

The major engine that transports you to freedom is your complete understanding and acceptance of yours and other people’s enslavement to ideas and beliefs beyond their understanding and control. We can achieve the enlightenment of true understanding when we are able to forgive. Allow your mind, heart and spirit to absorb the truth, that our mothers, fathers and nurturers were the inescapable product of their own life’s beliefs and events. They too were prisoner’s without the key to freedom.

There are more detailed ideas to think about in this section of the Fifth Gate file listed in helpful tools.

Please read them and make sure that you absolutely come to terms with forgiveness. Only those who walk this path of enlightenment can achieve sufficient mastery over the circumstances that shaped who they are and rise above them. Your mother was perfect at being exactly the person her life taught her to be. So are you. Now you are free to be the best you that you can be.

How do you feel? Record your emotions, thoughts and feelings right now. Please send an email to Dr.Kesselman and share with him your feelings. He’d love to hear from you.

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