The Fourth Gate – Five Gates Powerful Recovery Treatment Training Program

I must learn about my reality, understand my past and heal my present

I must learn about my reality, understand my past and heal my present, reveals truths you don?t like, face our realities, our negative behaviors, actions and attitudes have been based on our fears or misunderstanding of our own truths

What is Five Gates Program?

The Five Gates Program is a form of Cognitive or Person Centered Psychotherapy. It is unique for its Fifth Gates which operates through a powerful healing principle Dr. Kesselman has labeled The Inverted Pyramid Effect, which is the remarkable healing engine by which people in reviewing sequentially the events in their lives and finding a logical explanations for each of their psychological pains specially Anxieties and Depressions, are able to experience the triggering of Clearing healing all of the later consequences and confusions associated with the psychological difficulties that has caused them to want to take the Five Gates Program.

Now it’s time for passage through the Fourth Gate. This is where we really get to the truth of our histories.

Say to yourself, My present is the result of my past. To understand it and myself best, I must carefully review what I can remember of my history. Even if it reveals truths you don’t like, something that has been scaring you, by seeing them clearly, you will feel better. The program teaches us that journeying along this path will reveal forgotten and sometimes hidden truths that led us to act out and display questionable behaviors, actions and attitudes that we ourselves couldn’t seem to be able control or change. The Fourth Gate journey brings us face to face with our own reality. We will discover that our negative behaviors, actions and attitudes have been based on our fears or misunderstanding of our own truths and we can correct that. Yes, that will be corrected.

Remember, it is our present that we are trying to heal. But in order to do that, we need to gather some facts and information from our past so that we may be sure we are traveling the right road.

The original point of departure is always the starting point of any journey. Sometimes to know how you got here is to know where you came from. Tracing your steps will reveal your path. The path that brought you here.

Our personalities are created in sum by our experiences and beliefs over time. Within the Fourth Gate journey we will simply be recording our history. You will not need to try to understand it just yet, only to visit, identify and explore. Understanding comes within the next segment of our journey, The Fifth Gate.

The Fourth Gate journey requires you to fill out a questionnaire. Please read through all of the directions of the Fourth Gate before you start.

How do I know when I’ve successfully crossed The Fourth Gate?

The Fourth Gate is easily the longest of the Five Gates. You’ve completed the Fourth Gate when you’ve answered the questionnaire as fully as possible. The goal of the Fourth Gate is to have an accurate Blueprint of your past and how key events made you feel.

Another way to look at it

It may be hard to look back at certain events in your past, but the only way to defeat your fears is to first face them. It is vital that you don’t skip questions, or leave out any strong feelings you have about situations. It may help to look at your life from an outside view. Imagine that you are not the character from the story in your head, you are just chronicling their adventure. Write down how the events are making them feel.

If we use the computer as a brain analogy again, The Fourth Gate can be seen as getting all the data ready (into RAM) for The Fifth Gate to run. During the Fifth Gate you will need to be able to quickly and dynamically access any aspect of your history.

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In order to view the Fourth Gate Work Book, you will need to be able to open .doc files. There are many programs available to do this for you, such as Microsoft Word. We recommend using Open Office as it is free, and easy to use.

The Fifth Gate

Now that we have a road map of our past, it’s finally time to see that the road you’ve followed, with all it’s twists and turns, has lead you right where you need to be. Even though it may not seem like it yet.

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Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman began his career in psychotherapy as the result of his own severe depressive disorder occasioned by alcoholism as a coping mechanism. He is partly self-taught, his degrees having been awarded through the original contributions he has made to this field. He is the developer of ” The Structured Brief Time-Limited Psychotherapy “, better known as the Five Gates Program of Recovery. Learn more…