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Discovering the Sources of Our Problems – Understanding Productive and Unproductive Fear

What is Five Gates Program?

The Five Gates Program is a form of Cognitive or Person Centered Psychotherapy. It is unique for its Fifth Gates which operates through a powerful healing principle Dr. Kesselman has labeled The Inverted Pyramid Effect, which is the remarkable healing engine by which people in reviewing sequentially the events in their lives and finding a logical explanations for each of their psychological pains specially Anxieties and Depressions, are able to experience the triggering of Clearing healing all of the later consequences and confusions associated with the psychological difficulties that has caused them to want to take the Five Gates Program.

The Second Gate is about discovering the sources of our problems.

That something in me is my incorrect beliefs and the fears they bring upon me. I don’t want to allow them to run my life anymore. If you think about it, in the First Gate, we accepted that something in us was the cause of our problems.

In the Second Gate we’re ready to explore, identify and examine what that something is. This is where the Children of Fear come into play. That Something is our fear, ignorance and mistaken beliefs, collectively labeled as the Children of Fear. Think about some examples of how fear and misinformation may have distorted your beliefs and ideas, causing you anxiety and perhaps depression resulting in self-destructive thoughts and actions. Ignorance, in our program, means focusing on the errors that we make that lead us.

I bet you’re wondering what is the difference between an unproductive and a productive fear? Remember the example of the rock about to hit your head, causing you to duck, well that is a productive fear. The fear of pain and the ability to do something to prevent it immediately is a helpful fear.

Unfortunately an example as clear cut as that doesn’t happen very often. In our minds we want to think and believe that all of our fears are necessary to protect us from harm, but most of the time they aren’t. These unproductive fears do not shield or protect us from harm but instead can lead and prod us to make the wrong choice and venture down a destructive path.

Every fear that doesn’t help us do the next right thing is both completely unproductive and more often than not, destructive.

Some people actually feel safer being scared. But being afraid doesn’t protect you. There’s a difference between useful caution and destructive or irrational fear. It is very important for us to recognize that most of the time our fears are unproductive.

Maybe in childhood we heard Everyone is out to get you, You will never amount to much, You’re a born loser or even Winners grab everything they can and let everyone else worry about themselves.When these thoughts stay with us as adults, we start to create a world around us that we were taught to see. Think about that, Our world is a mirror of us. If we search for and create negative experiences, we will find them.

It is easy to understand why and how positive influences in early years create a person who is able to go forward in life seeking pleasure, adventure and a meaningful life of service without being vulnerable to naive, destructive expectations. Negative influences need to be unlearned, disbelieved and rejected. Throughout the entire Five Gates journey, we are learning to replace these influences with ideas that are more functional, positive and productive. Ideas and influences that will help give us a good life.

How do I know when I’ve successfully crossed The Second Gate?

The Second Gate should only be completed in part your first time through. This is because it is so important to go through the Fourth and Fifth Gates to give a proper understanding and perspective on the Second Gate. As long as you are able to see how some of your beliefs have been driving your negative feelings and how those actions have not often made logical sense to you then you have learned enough in the Second Gate to pass on through the Third.

Chances are that there is more then one improper belief causing your fears and suffering. All you need to do right now is realize that, and see an example of it inside of yourself. You don’t need to worry about correcting it quite yet, just being able to see it is quite the accomplishment.

Another way to look at it

Your mind has a lot in common with a computer. You have lots of internal functions running when certain triggers are met. For instance when you see a loved one there is a trigger in your brain that makes you feel happy. Just as when you see your boss at work, you might have a trigger that makes you start to stress. Most common chemicals imbalances are from having improper triggers being fired, or in more extreme cases the trigger itself is corrupt. The Five Gates Program is a Program that you run as a debug for yourself. It helps you find errors and bugs so that you can correct them.

As an example lets say that you get worried and have a minor panic attack whenever you see your new boss. You’ve only been at the job for less then a week, and have been doing very well and you don’t slack off. There should be no reason for this added stress, yet you have it. The trigger for this would be something similar to “When I see my boss, be extra cautious. He’s out to find a reason to fire me. He doesn’t like me. He’s a jerk, etc…”

Remember that during the Second Gate we’re not looking for the cause, let alone trying to fix it. We’re just noticing that it’s there and will need correction later. So with that in mind, we can look the above trigger and can determine it to be invalid because you don’t know enough about your new boss to make those assumptions. Also we are being extra cautious without a reason, at the moment, to be so. We’ll talk more about this example later as we go through the rest of the program.

By Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman

The Third Gate

In the Third Gate we will be given truths about reality as well as a few positive principles to live by. We will also start to see more in-depth conflicts between what we currently believe and what is really going on.

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Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman began his career in psychotherapy as the result of his own severe depressive disorder occasioned by alcoholism as a coping mechanism. He is partly self-taught, his degrees having been awarded through the original contributions he has made to this field. He is the developer of ” The Structured Brief Time-Limited Psychotherapy “, better known as the Five Gates Program of Recovery. Learn more…