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Lynn Kesselman, National Recovery Expert, TV Host, Psychotherapist and Author

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Lynn usually says that his best interview is not with him but his Five Gates Graduates many of whom are happy to share their experience. When it comes to how his program works, the success statistics or his views on why the Five Gates Program is blessed with such effective outcomes, he’s pleased to answer your questions and for groups he will tailor a presentation that you believe will be most useful and interesting. One of the important aspects of inviting Lynn to speak before your group, whether the audience will be fellow therapists, physicians, or members of the community, is his effective use of humor in making these presentations enjoyable and even more educational. Although Lynn will protect the anonymity of his clients even though they usually don’t want any once they feel the positive change in himself he will discuss and offer appropriate case histories to confirm the important subjects of his presentation, but never solely for the purpose of winning the admiration or acceptance of his audience.

Some of Lynn’s spoken and written presentations include:

  • Bringing the 12-Steps Into the 21st Century
  • Programs for Schools and Community Groups:
    • Effective Strategies for Parents and Teachers for Reducing Drug Susceptibility in Teenagers
    • Strategies for Helping the Anxiety Ridden, Depressed, or Drug Abusing Teenager
    • Effective Intervention Strategies for Helping Parents and Children with Comorbid Problems
  • Mental Health Wisdom from Scripture and other Philosophical Systems – (Jewish and Christian Bible, Kabbalah, Hindus, and Native Cultures)
  • Mental Health as a Science
  • Mental Health and the Legal System
  • Government’s Role in Serving Society’s Mental Health Needs
  • Strategies For Repairing Our Broken Communities
  • New Concepts For More Effective Psychotherapy
  • An Overview and History of the Mental Health Community – This program places it’s emphasis on understanding the reasons for the field’s low rate of efficacy and potentials for positive change.
  • Workshops on the Five Gates Therapy Methods – This program will be available following the publication of Five Gates; the Science of Healing the Spirit.
  • How to Live With Your Troubled Life Partner

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