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For Immediate Release
Aug. 30, 2000

BGHS Hosts

Nationally-Recognized Recovery Expert Lynn Kesselman

Many highly respected high schools, including Buffalo Grove High School, have made the news lately with tragedy brought on by substance abuse. As a matter of public service for its student body, parents, and the surrounding community, Buffalo Grove High School will host nationally known speaker, writer, and spiritual wellness trainer/teacher Lynn Kesselman on Tuesday, Sept. 5, as he presents his powerful recovery/emotional-wellness message. An all-school assembly will be offered for students at 1:11 p.m. entitled “Growing Up Healthy Is Harder Than It Looks.” At 7 p.m. that evening in the school’s theater, parents and other community members will also have an opportunity to hear Kesselman speak on “The Price of Not Paying Attention.”

For the students, he will focus his remarks on how the ignored problems of our childhood turn into the tragedies of our adult life, and what we can do about it. For adults, his focus will be, how our children’s ignored or unseen problems–though they may seem minor while growing up–become the sources of life-catastrophes later on, and what we can do about it.

Kesselman is the chairman of Recovery Management Services Co., Inc., a federally registered, 501-c-3, not-for-profit organization that offers help for troubled teens and adults, the emotionally or mentally ill, and those caught up in self-destructive behaviors that stem from alcoholism and other substance addictions. Kesselman contends that when people are in control of their lives and happy, they don’t turn to drugs or resort to crime or violent activity.

In 1997 he published “Recover with Me,” which was the forerunner of his program, “Passport Spirituality Wellness Training,” now called the “Five Gates.” “Know Myself-Help Myself” is a self-administered diagnostic and self-improvement program he has developed for teenagers who are troubled or in a state of depression or anxiety. The Barrington-based Duchossois Foundation partially funds the program, offering a matching grant for its completion, and Kesselman’s Recovery Management Service continues to seek additional funds.

Following the Columbine massacre and similar national disasters, Kesselman was interviewed as a resource by print and broadcast media for his commentary on the events that unfolded. He is eager to demonstrate the effectiveness of his program and wants to share his insights with the Buffalo Grove community.

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