Daily Miami Herald
Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Learn how to get past tough times at lecture

By Ruth Silverman
Daily Herald Correspondent

Lynn Kesselman will try to score points with the members of Harper Community College sports teams during a lecture today. They, along with members of the community will hear the author and recovery expert speak on Breaking Free of Our Bad Habits; and Embracing New Ones. The lecture will take place a 2 p.m. Too often, Kesselman says, athletes and others assume that winning means achieving the highest score or earning the most money. He asks those who question otherwise: How often are children told that the simple humble man is the real winner and has a joyful life? He says when self-expectations, or the expectations of others, are higher than the ability to fulfill them, people too often turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to deal with the resulting pain. Kesselman is a former entrepreneur and consultant in many fields of business, as well as a recovering alcoholic.

He has established and chairs a not-for-profit organization, Recovery Management Service Co., Inc. The group helps fund the development and use of his programs. Kesselman uses his methods in his work with those who are addicted or depressed, and he achieves results others in the field call remarkable. He is the author of Recover With Me, which outlines that program and will be available in October. The host of a Florida-based cable television show, Joyful Recovery, Kesselman also is producing what he calls the first interactive recovery kit. He calls it Recover With Me. The kit will be released later in the fall. Kesselman also founded and operated New Hope Village, a 42-bed halfway house in central Florida. He hopes to establish a similar home in the Chicago area. The lecture will be held in Building M’s gym. It is free and open to the public.

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