Accelerated Deep Emotional Healing

as published in the Heroin Times, June 2003
by Lynn Kesselman,
Psychotherapist, cert. Chemical Dependency

“We all have some degree of faith in something or we would be driven mad by our fears.”

This single statement is possibly the most important thing I have learned about recovery and for that matter, about life itself. Most of us who have needed to study and seek recovery are actually recovering from toxic ideas from our childhood which systematically destroyed our faith in our ability to maintain a happy and secure life for ourselves. When we lack this faith, we become afraid at our core and desperately crave relief from this pain. Whatever may be our habitual form of escape from the pain generated by our fears, whether it’s lies, drugs, gambling, perverse sexuality, self disfigurement, abuse of food…, these escapes eventually become the addictions from which we must seek recovery.

The patent-pending Five Gates Training Program is a uniquely powerful technology for reaching back, both through time and inwardly, to the unconscious centers in which the seeds of our dysfunctional beliefs were planted in our childhood. Once these unchallenged and misunderstood beliefs are subjected to the self-scrutiny of our now adult mind, with the aid of our Five Gates trainer, they are dissolved in the light of better, more positive truths. The remaining task is accomplished by implanting these spiritually positive principles of a new way of life into our now open mind; and thus, we are all but healed. Though total and absolute healing is our goal, our condition continually improves with our practice of processing our reality through the use of special and positive beliefs and actions. We employ no superstition.

Following is a simplified overview of the Five Gates philosophy and methods including an outline of the Five Gates Training Program’s 4-5 days of intensive “core training” therapy, and a glimpse at the follow-through “life-practice”, in which we use the skills we have learned to manage ourselves toward a higher spiritual consciousness.


The First Gate:

“I have been powerless over something in me that causes me to believe, and therefore feel, to think and therefore act in ways that diminish my happiness.”

The Second Gate:

“That ‘something’ is my incorrect beliefs and the fears they bring upon me; I don’t want to allow them to run my life anymore!”

The Third Gate:

“I want to learn, accept, and practice living by the positive principles that work best in MY reality as it really is, not the negative ones inspired by my fears.”

The Fourth Gate:

“My present is the result of my past; to understand it and myself best, I must carefully review what I can remember of my history.”

The Fifth Gate:

“Once I understand my history and see my present self more objectively in it, I will no longer believe that I am my history, I will know; I am my possibilities.”

At the conclusion of the Fifth Gate, we always experience a spiritual awakening.
Then we review the first Three Gates which seem to have a whole new meaning to us, and they become the template or tools by which we manage our new life. We then make an easily kept contract with ourselves and focus on learning to better accept pleasure and reject suffering as a safe-guard to our spiritual condition. We rely on science and practice, but not superstition for our wellness.

These shorthand descriptions of the phases of healing that make up the Five Gates Training Program are further explained in the soon-to-be-released volume entitled “Five Gates to Healing our Spirit”. In my professional practice I have discovered that more than 80% of my clients successfully achieve the healing benefits of all Five Gates in only four days of intensive effort. A small portion of them do occasionally fall back into their old addictive patterns, as our emphasis is not on making them afraid of “using,” However, they soon discover they have no need for their addictions for they no longer need to run away from life.

They realize and experience that with the sources of their deeply buried fears removed, life is wonderfully pleasurable straight and sober. Those who complete the Five Gates Training achieve much more than abstinence from their addictions as they are also freed from anxieties and depression. Five Gates graduates become sharper intellectually, more physically energetic, and thus happier and spiritual in their demeanor.

Five Gates Truths

Some of the mottos we use to help us process and share our reality are:

  • “I am not my history, I am my possibilities.” – (Freedom and courage to open new doors in the present)
  • “My limitations are not my shortcomings.” – (Co-dependency and negative self-judgment breaker)
  • “What I believe and therefore feel; what I think and therefore do is about me.”
  • “What you believe, feel, think and do is about you; even if you say it is about me.”
  • “I was taught to look for what’s important in our differences, but what’s really important is our similarities.”
    (Learning to accept and love others – not judge them)
  • “My recovery has not failed yet, even if it hasn’t completely succeeded yet.”
    (Relapse forgiveness and dealing with periodic low spiritual condition)
  • “Everything always was, is, and always will be exactly the way it’s supposed to be.”
    (A Five Gates graduate exercise in deepening our spirituality and dispelling our anxieties)
  • “There is no past, only a dream that helps me understands the present.”
    (This helps us focus in the present with the acceptance that the past is unchangeable and the future unknowable, and its okay)
  • “My only job in life is to manage me, which is very lucky, since it’s my only ability.”
  • “I must learn to see and accept that my limitations are not my shortcomings.”
    (This helps us stop blaming ourselves for our limitations or accepting other people’s blame for so much we can’t control that others wanted us to believe was our responsibility)
  • “I never know how good my recovery is, until it’s not good enough anymore.”
Why Most Traditional Programs Don’t Work

I have found that most drug treatment programs are overly focused on things about drugs and our other dysfunctional behaviors, which can often cause us added fear, guilt and shame, distracting us from the real point. “We always did and always will do what we want to and can do. Genuine recovery is changing what we want to do, and therefore who we are.”

I believe that most recovery programs have not focused on this more productive direction because they feel they don’t possess the tools to actually change what people want to do and who they are. Conversely, the Five Gates does exactly that and thus is more able to help people do what they really want to do at their deepest level: empower themselves to the point that they don’t need to escape from reality.

No words can persuade a person to be “good.” That can only be achieved through seeing a more accurate and less fearful view of how life works best for them. Those who willfully commit acts which bring needless suffering upon others are not happy… happy people are generous and loving, and therefore, very powerful indeed.

© 2003 Lynn Kesselman – All Rights Reserved

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