Lynn Kesselman's Five Gate Training Program

Passport to Freedom
July 29, 1999

By David Telisman
Staff Writer

HE HAD JUST completed a year long prison sentence due to a drug induced petty theft charge. The first thing Evan Kaiser did when he was released earlier this month, was spend the $200 given to him by Florida’s Hernando Correctional Institute’s Drug Treatment Center to get high on crack cocaine. A drug addict since the age of 15, Kaiser, 39, had given up on life. The next day, Lynn Kesselman paid a visit to Kaiser at his father’s Ft. Lauderdale home. Kaiser’s recovery process began. I didn’t want to talk to this guy recalled Kaiser. I was high when he came over. But Kesselman offered Kaiser something that years of Alcoholics Anonymous couldn’t: reasons for and solutions to his addiction. Kesselman, a recovering alcoholic, has treated clients for the last four years with his program called Passport to Freedom, a five-step recovery program that incorporates the teachings of the Kabbalah. Kesselman, 60, who has treated clients from Florida and throughout the country, stresses that Passport to Freedom causes addicts to identify the emotional problems that drive their drug addictions, thereby freeing them from their desire to use. It’s a miracle. All my desires to use have disappeared, said Kaiser, who stopped using drugs after three days of treatment. I have no cravings.Moreover, Kesselman alleges that AA is guilt-oriented, Like a Catholic confession conveying the message that, We can never get well. They say we’re forever marred, Like a man with his legs cut off.’

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What distinguishes Passport to Freedom from the 12-step Alcoholics Anonymous program, according to Kesselman is that, AA doesn’t encourage (addicts) to ask how one gets well or how it (the steps) work. A step that leads to wellness should have clear directions. Clients take the fourth and fifth step of Passport to Freedom within three days of treatment. During the fourth step, a client compiles a chronological record of his/her life experiences onto paper, So they see themselves as the inevitable result of their history. With the fifth step the clients shares this record with a facilitator, at which time, said Kesselman They forgive themselves and others. Though he’s always shared a good relationship with his parents, Kaiser felt insurmountable pressure by them, to be someone I didn’t want to be. The fourth and fifth steps, caused Kaiser to realize that, I can’t be anyone but myself. Kaiser recently resumed working as a mortgage banker with Paradigm Mortgage. He (Kesselman) really opened the door for me, said Kaiser. I have no desires to pick up drugs whatsoever. I’m high on life.He exudes a completely new positive image of himself,: said Kaiser’s father Gerald. I’ve never seen such a metamorphosis. Whereas AA preaches fear and superstition Kesselman believes by blending the messages of the Kabbalah with the fourth and fifth steps, that addicts experience a spiritual awakening.

The Kabbalah tells us very clearly, emphasized Kesselman, that people who are at peace with themselves are able to receive God’s joy and never knowingly bring harm to themselves or others. Kesselman has embodied the messages of Passport to Freedom in his book, Recover With Me and an audio program called Free to Love My Life. In addition, Kesselman has produced two television programs, The Joyful Recovery Show, and the Recovery Meeting Show that will air beginning in the fall. To expand Passport to Freedom to the South Florida community, Kesselman is currently planning the construction of a clinic in Coral Springs that will be comprised of a licensed treatment team. Treatment, projected to cost $5,000, will consist of, One week of intensive out patient therapy and 12 weeks of non-intensive out patient therapy. said Kesselman. Before the clinic begins operation in the fall, Kesselman is offering to treat 20 clients at no charge. Clients must complete a screening process first. Added Kesselman, This is not about me, but the program. For more information please write to us.

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