Rabbi Dr. Lynn Kesselman rarely took any new patients he could not see face to face. Now with Skype and video conferencing he is now taking patients online. He practices as a therapist under his license as a rabbi and D.D. Dr. Kesselman began his remote location practice using the Five Gates program more than 15 years ago, but at that time it was done by telephone. This method proved successful but over the following years he rarely took any new patients that he could not see face-to-face in his own office or at their location. Now, with the advent of Skype and international phone calls including video he has decided to begin taking patients again using these modern methods and tools. As always he will never take the patient until he is satisfied that he is likely to be able to help them significantly. He will also evaluate whether or not you need to be in the same room with your therapist or remote location psychotherapy is likely to be equally effective for you. The initial contact will be free with no obligations and take about thirty minutes.


Below is a link which will bring up an application which will be held confidentially by Dr. Kesselman and which will begin the process by which he can qualify you as an online patient. Please don’t make out this application until you have read many of the articles on this website. Don’t waste this time of yours before you have had a chance to examine and understand the ideas on which the Five Gates program is based and what you think of what I’m saying here. After you fill in and send the application, you will be sent back to this page where you can pay for the therapy by clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

Click here for online application.


Alternatively, you can email Dr Kesselman directly at fivegates@gmail.com