Recovering from Anxiety Disorder, Alcohol Drug Addiction and Depression, ?Peel the Onion? Method Usually Fails?


Recovering from Anxiety Disorder, Alcohol Drug Addiction and Depression, ?Peel the Onion? Method Usually Fails?

Traditional Peeling the Onion Method

Most medically based recovery approaches start by having us discuss our present situation, including the problems in our actions and beliefs. Then they work on showing us how to see the errors in our beliefs, thinking that if we can see what our therapist sees, what makes sense to our therapist will make sense to us, and we?ll behave as our therapist says we should. This hope is na?ve.

Eventually we start to see things in the layer that lies just below our present symptoms. We see what appears to be the immediate causes of our maladjusted thoughts, feelings and actions. This process of going deeper, one layer at a time, is called ?peeling the onion.? It does produce new insights, but has flaws as a method for helping us change. Peeling the onion forces us to look at ourselves from the outside in, not at the deepest underlying causes that trace their origins back to our childhood. Instead, this process brings us to layer after layer of our faulty perceptions and actions, which are more likely to depress us than produce the hope that will ignite the courage we need for change. Peeling the onion also sets up a struggle within us. Remember that denial is the logical adjustment to hopelessness.

What we don?t believe we can?fix, we would like to deny. Peeling the onion goes against the grain of our natural defenses and creates a numbing and discouraging experience in all but a few. Those lucky few are either not very troubled inside, or have been able to hold onto just enough self?esteem and a strong faith that the truth will set them free. People who have suffered for a long time have become addicted to their denial, rather than becoming empowered to face the truth.

That?s why traditional therapy methods don?t work well for most people, especially very troubled, intelligent people. We?re far too good at inventing rationalizations to support our denial. That?s why it is so hard for us to hit bottom, which is when we finally surrender our denial of the fact that we need to change. The Five Gates Program makes it unnecessary for us to wage war against our denial, but instead provides us the solution for letting go of it after?we have seen and accepted the self?assuring truths that make it unnecessary to us.

The Five Gates Program successfully declares victory by going to the root of the problem,?thus causing us to make the perspective changes that dissolve our denial. The Five Gates Training Program takes much better advantage of the insights left to us by Sigmund Freud and?Carl Rogers. Sigmund Freud, usually credited for the psychoanalytic method of modern psychology, provided a new perspective to the field. I like to call it the ?inside?out theory.? This idea says that the truths about us that someone else can see, including our therapist, have very?little importance for getting us well in comparison to the truths we see about ourselves and the world.

Author: R. Dr. Lynn Kesselman (Nationally Recognized Addiction Specialist)

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