Most Effective, Doctor’s Approved Recovery Treatment Program By Five Gates for Anxiety Disorders, Depressions, Alcohol Drug Addictions, Bipolar Disorder, Mood Disorder, Social Disorder and many more psychological forms of FEAR

We can help you be happy, effective, and empowered to live your live as successfully as your opportunities. Every life has it’s challenges, some of which impose limitations upon people’s freedom to live life. The Five Gates Program can help you feel good about the fact that by following the program you will be able to make the most of the life you can realistically have. This may seem to be an imposing limitation for you, but in fact it is well known that greater happiness doesn’t belong to the wealthy and piece of mind can be achieved even by people with grave illnesses or limited freedoms.

These are some of the conditions that have been successfully overcome by our five gates graduates:

Listen to the story of Graduates who have successfully overcome their Anxiety Disorder, Depressions and various forms of Addictions, you may view their Testimonials Here.

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Find out more about Rabbi Dr. Kesselman who began his career in psychotherapy as the result of his own severe depressive disorder occasioned by alcoholism as a coping mechanism. He is partly self-taught, his degrees having been awarded through the original contributions he has made to this field. Learn more

Lets begin the Journey through Five Gates to know more about it, how it works and why it is so effective and recommended by Leading Medical Authorities Lets begin the Healing Journey Through The Five Gates

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