Why we call the “Five Gates” A Training Program

Psychiatrists can prescribe medication for our depression and other symptoms. But this will not solve our underlying problem or its causes. Our real problem is caused by our deeply buried dysfunctional beliefs, and our habitual triggers. For that help we will need to be referred to a psychologist or psychotherapist. The Five Gates Training Program is the most powerful psychotherapeutic program for healing the harmful effects of our dysfunctional beliefs.

Psychologists can do much to help us understand our thoughts and actions, but the treatment methods taught in schools today are usually too slow-acting to overcome the disabling effects of our problems. By the time we are finally ready to admit we need help, we’re usually too disabled by our suffering to be able take their advice. The result is that only a small fraction of patients recover in treatment centers or through conventional therapies today. Once we have become disabled by or addicted to beliefs that are at the root of our problems we can’t reliably get well by traditional psychotherapies which use the peel the onion method to help us reach inward and go backward in the present moment to find those problems. Our dysfunction always brings with it reduced self-esteem and therefore the last thing in the world that will help us is to have to dwell on our dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors. In the Five Gates Training we bypass this stage by starting the regression to the beginning of our childhood, which enables us to reexamine with adult eyes what we were unable to understand and process with our child’s eyes back when all of our problems began. Most of the time our memories were blocked as a defense mechanism to keep us from consciously reliving the pain of those childhood memories and beliefs. Once we approach the history of our reality from the beginning, these critical memories become assessable and resolvable by our conscious mind we can then train ourselves to not slip back into our old way of seeing and doing things by using the Five Gates Reality Rules and Spiritual Principles for managing our lives.

We need a powerful, fast-acting solution which quickly reaches deep down into our buried centers of troubling beliefs. We need a therapy we can follow with a minimum of challenge to us. We need help to rewrite our dysfunctional, troubling, inner beliefs, the ones which cause our suffering from anxieties, depression, and which drive our destructive addictions. The patent-pending methods of the Five Gates Training Program can help us quickly (in less than one week!), reach deeply into the unconscious scripts of our mind’s functioning, and allow us to correct and rewrite the dysfunctional portions of our reality processing system. Because this realignment is almost immediate, we quickly gain the power to live a therapeutically self-correcting lifestyle , which over time, completes our healing, and helps us redirect the management of our lives.

The Five Gates Training is not only powerful and fast-acting, it’s also a pleasurable experience!!! As it is said so often in fellowships, it’s an inside job, and only we can get inside to do it.

That’s why we call the Five Gates a training program.

by Lynn Kesselman

Excerpts from (Five Gates – The Science of Healing The Spirit) that have helped many in understanding the root cause of our emotional problems and why is it so difficult acceptance of ourselves, our limitations. We can make a beginning towards this goal by accepting “What I can’t do, can’t be my job”.

  1. I need help with my Anxiety and Addiction Problem
  2. Why are we the way we are??? How did it happen???
  3. The Five Gates Training Program uses two powerful tools
  4. Feelings – What role do they play in our Emotional Disorder
  5. Love and Fear – Why is FEAR the root cause of all problems.
  6. Know yourself – Begin the Journey of Self Healing
  7. Disappointments – How its important to balance our disappointments
  8. Free will or Foolish Behaviour – Find out more…
  9. Our Ego Seduces Us to Believe in Our Willpower – Find out more…
  10. What is stronger Love or Anger – Find out more…
  11. Getting Smarter is Not Enough – We Must Vicariously Relive Our Life?s ?Movie? To Understand Ourselves
  12. Parents and Loved Ones – What roles they play in our emotional illness
  13. Insanity – This can be a cruel, misleading and depersonalizing term
  14. Spiritual Programs Throughout Time – Most modern spiritual teachings, what do they say???
  15. We Are One ? Not Separate – Find out more…
  16. Why is Faith So Important to Us? – Is Faith the Answer???
  17. Do We Need More than Faith? – Find out more…
  18. Religions, Faith and God – Why is it important???

What is Five Gates Program?

The Five Gates Program is a form of Cognitive or Person Centered Psychotherapy. It is unique for its Fifth Gates which operates through a powerful healing principle Dr. Kesselman has labeled The Inverted Pyramid Effect, which is the remarkable healing engine by which people in reviewing sequentially the events in their lives and finding a logical explanations for each of their psychological pains specially Anxieties and Depressions, are able to experience the triggering of Clearing healing all of the later consequences and confusions associated with the psychological difficulties that has caused them to want to take the Five Gates Program.


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